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Web sites are custom designed to meet your business and individual needs, so the type of site, size and complexity will vary from client to client.

Pricing is estimated on anticipated time spent creating and developing your site.

A basic, simple, 3-4 page site (home page, about us, business information page, contact page) including graphics, buttons and navigation can be created for around $600.00*

A medium size site (around 8-10 pages) including graphics, custom navigation, a basic form, etc., can be created for around $1,500.00*

Web sites larger than 10 pages and sites needing basic shopping carts, multiple forms and animation will be estimated according to actual size and complexity.

Consultation regarding your site is free of charge.  No work will begin until you have received and approved a written quote or estimate.

If your site needs royalty free images that we do not have, internet image research (including time spent locating and downloading images) will be included the price for your site design. Price for purchasing images is separate.  No images will be purchased without prior approval.

If you need us to maintain your site, maintenance fees are based upon the frequency of the changes needed (whether updated daily, weekly, monthly or as needed). For basic updates, there is software we can recommend that would allow you to make simple changes on your own (basic image and text replacement). We charge by the hour for any software training. Or we can obtain a quote for you from a third party developer on the cost of setting up a simple control panel and admin area for you to add text, images and pages directly through your website.

If you do not have a domain name, we will help you register one and assist with finding a hosting plan that will fulfill the needs for your business.  There is no charge for this service if we are building your site.

Payment terms are negotiated per job.

*Prices listed are estimates only.

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